ASSITEJ ITALIA was born thanks to 22 founders, which are being joined by many new members.

These are individuals and companies that share objectives and commitment with Assitej Italia. All of them are active in the field of theatre for young audiences.

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The Executive Committee of Assitej Italia, with a view to promoting a wider and more aware participation in the life of the association, relaunched a call open to all members in 2023, to support proposals and network projects that have a positive impact for the whole association and more generally for children’s theatre.

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Open Stages

Open Stages is a project by Assitej Italia born in 2018, result of a working group within the Association formed by virtue of the statutory commitments united to the spread and the worsening of expressions of hatred in our country, and not only, in the last period.

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Little Vocabulary of the Teatro Ragazzi

The little vocabulary of the Teatro Ragazzi is a constantly evolving material. The words that compose it are always in motion. Available to all those who want to help reflect on it.

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Teatro Ragazzi Bibliography

Starting from the observation that if not enough has been written about Theater for the New Generations, however something has been written, the project aims to collect a list that is as extensive and up-to-date as possible of titles of publications on this specific theme.

Available to anyone, it can be implemented by filling in the form at the following link.

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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is a project launched in 2019, within one of the working tables of Assitej Italia, the table of festivals, with the aim of fostering the international growth of Italian artists and programmers through a process of networking and knowledge of some of the most important European festivals dedicated to children and youth.

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